1. When will I receive my order?
If you order an in-stock item with standard ground shipping, you’ll receive your item approximately 5-7 business days after placing your order. We also offer expedited shipping for faster delivery. Personalized products require varying production times, so please add the number of production days listed in the product description to your shipping time.

2. Do you ship C.O.D.? (Cash on Delivery)
No, we do not offer C.O.D. shipments.

3. How do I check the status of my order and if it’s been shipped?
Before you call, please check the following:
· Click here and enter your order number for up-to-the-minute information about your order status and shipment information.
If you have received one box that has a packing list that shows other items shipped separately, please wait one to two days as many shipments do become separated and arrive at different times. Custom items will ship in the specified time period. If there is a concern (i.e. we need more information from you), we will contact you. Our in-house production tracking system monitors your order every day to ensure an on-schedule delivery.

4. How do I get a catalog?
Just visit our Catalog Request page and enter your mailing information or write, fax, or call us with your name, and address. We’ll promptly send a catalog (only one catalog per address please). Please allow 7 to 14 days to receive your catalog.

If you do not wish to receive our catalogs any longer, please send us your name and address(csr@americanprom.com)

5. Is my item in stock?
There will be instances when we are temporarily out of an item. If you order by phone, you can receive instant confirmation of up-to-the-minute stock availability from your Party Planner. Also, on the site when you place an order and go to check out, you will be able to see if the item you ordered is in stock.

6. Where are you located?
American Prom
P.O. Box 305
South Whitley, IN 46787-0305
Toll Free 1-800-314-8775
Fax 1-260-723-6976

7. Will I have to pay tax on my order?
We will only add tax to your order if you are having your items shipped to the states of Indiana (7% of your total order) and New Jersey (7% of your total order). The tax will automatically be added to your order total on your order form during the checkout process. If your items are being shipped anywhere other than the states of Indiana and New Jersey, no tax will be charged.

If your organization is exempt from your state’s sales tax, please fax a properly completed sales tax exemption to 260-723-4431. Once received, we will remove sales tax from your order and/or mark your account as tax exempt.

If you are not tax exempt in one of the 44 states that collects sales tax (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have consumer-level sales taxes) you will need to pay the sales tax in one of two ways. If your order ships to Indiana or New Jersey, sales tax will be charged to you at the time of order. We will collect and remit sales taxes for these states on your behalf. If your order ships to a state (other than Indiana or New Jersey) that charges sales tax, we will not collect sales tax from you. You may instead be required by the state department of revenue to file and pay a use tax. For more information please contact your state and/or local government.

8. What is your return policy?
To ensure proper credit, fill out the return form and enclose it with the items you are returning. All merchandise must be returned within 45 days of receipt. Only unused items with unbroken seals and packaging may be returned. We will credit your original method of payment, excluding delivery charges. Products that have been custom printed, specially cut or assembled are not returnable. Health regulations prohibit the return of hats, tiaras, temporary tattoos or any apparel that has been worn as well as any food items. For returns originating outside of the U.S., please mark on the box "U.S. goods being returned."

9. What is your policy regarding glassware broken during shipping?
Sometimes breakage occurs due to the fragile nature of the product and freight handling. To cover any unexpected problems, we include one glass or several additional glasses free of charge, depending on the quantity ordered, to cover potential breakage. If you do not receive the original number of pieces ordered due to breakage, we will replace the broken pieces free of charge or credit you for the amount of the broken glassware. If you have questions about a particular piece of glassware, you can e-mail us at csr@americanprom.com with specific questions you may have.

10. What are your shipping costs?
Please visit our Shipping Information page for details.

11. Can I change the theme on an imprinted item to match our theme?
Absolutely! Prices for glassware include your wording and ANY design.

12. Is "just wording" on an imprinted item considered a special design?
Wording is not considered a special design, unless you are altering one of our standard designs found on the imprint form.

13. Is the American Prom website secure?
Yes. We have made sure that we follow and surpass all industry standards necessary for a secure website. These include encrypting all data that you give to us, processing your credit card information in a safe and responsible manner, and not sharing any information that you give us. If you have any other questions concerning site security, please visit our Site Security Page or feel free to e-mail us at csr@americanprom.com.

14. Can I get a price quote for my order?
Yes. The process is simple. Add items to your shopping cart as if you were placing an order, then go through the checkout process and for your payment option, choose: "none - save as quote".
You will receive a quote number that can be used to access, edit, and/or convert your quote into an order. The quote number is valid for 15 days.

15. Can I make changes to a quote?
Yes. When you completed your quote you received a quote number. From the Quote Page you can retrieve your quote and re-load it into your cart. From there you can make changes as usual.
IMPORTANT: After you make changes to your quote you need to proceed thru the checkout again in order for your changes to be saved. You will receive a new quote number!

16. How do I convert a quote into an order?


  • Complete your purchase on-line with a credit card.
  • Reload your quote on the website under Need-A-Quote (this will put your order back into your shopping cart).
  • Simply check out again but enter your credit card as payment.


  • Fax or mail us a printout of your quote along with a signed purchase order.
  • Make sure you include your quote number, a signature from a principal or bookkeeper, and the correct order amount including appropriate shipping on your purchase order.
  • Our fax number is 1-260-723-4431 and our address is below.


  • Mail your quote with your check in full (including appropriate shipping).
  • Our mailing address is:

American Prom
P.O. Box 305
South Whitley, IN 46787-0305

  • When using UPS or FedEx please use:

  • American Prom
    101 East Carroll Road
    South Whitley, IN 46787

    17. I have more than one promo code. Can I use them both?
    Unfortunately, you can only use one promotion code or coupon per order. Offers and coupons cannot be combined.

    18. How long will the items stay in my shopping cart?
    30 Days.

    19. Would you be willing to make a donation to my non-profit event?
    I’m sure you’re planning a wonderful event. We would love to help, but we receive hundreds of donation requests every week and, unfortunately, cannot help everyone. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible so everyone can enjoy our products. Please take advantage of one our current promotional offers shown at the top of our website for an additional savings. We do hope that your event is a huge success!

    20. What do I need to know about ordering Candy Bars?

    • We want your chocolate to arrive in the best condition. We only ship our chocolate on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
    • Please provide a ship-to address where someone will be able to care for your chocolate immediately upon arrival. If you will not be home, possibly your workplace, a friend or neighbor.
    • When necessary, we will use insulated cooler packaging at no additional cost to you.

    21. What if I find an item cheaper somewhere else? Do you price match?
    We guarantee we offer the lowest prices. If you find an identical product in a competitive catalog, notify us and we will beat that price by 10%!

    22. Can I rush production?
    Unfortunately we are not able to rush production times or ship dates. If you need your items in a hurry you can upgrade your order to 2-day express or next day delivery. This will shorten the amount of time the package is in transit after it leaves our facility and will arrive to you quicker.

    23. My tiara has lost some of its shine. How can I make it look new again?
    Here are a few simple steps to restore the beauty and shine to your tiara:

      1. Get a plastic container large enough to submerge the item.

      2. Place aluminum foil on the bottom of the container.

      3. Fill with warm water.

      4. Add ½ of a small box of baking soda.

      5. Let the tarnished item soak for about ½ hour.

      6. Remove and rinse thoroughly.

      7. Dry completely.

    24. Can I make changes to or cancel my order?
    In order to keep costs to a minimum and pass along those savings to you with our low prices, our system is set up to automatically process your order as soon as it is placed. Therefore, we cannot make any changes or cancel your order after it has been submitted. Please verify all the information on the checkout page including your personalization, quantities, ship-to address, and special promotions prior to submitting your order. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand our goal is to keep our costs low and processing times fast.

    25. Can I get my order all at once?
    If you are ordering items that have different ship dates you will be prompted to make a choice prior to checking out. You can select “Yes! Ship my order when complete.” and we will consolidate your order for a single delivery making it convenient for you and saving the environment at the same time!

    26. How do I submit a photo for an item I want to order? What are your photo requirements?
    When adding the item to your shopping cart you will be prompted to upload your photo. We accept these types of images: EPS, TIF, PDF, JPG, AI, PNG, GIF and BMP. The quality of your product starts with your image and the production time for your product cannot start until an acceptable image has been received. We want to supply you with the highest print quality possible and ask that the below recommendations be followed.

    Image Requirements

      • We cannot accept images from cell phones.

      • Cameras should be 5 mega pixels or higher.

      • Photo file should be between 1 and 6 MB.

      • We accept images with the following file types: EPS, TIF, PDF, PSD, JPG, and AI. PNG, GIF, and BMP files are accepted, but these are not preferred because they do not reproduce as well. We recommend using a JPG format.

      • When supplying files from your digital camera, send the original file size (or largest file size) to ensure your picture has the best possible print quality.

      • When using a scanner to send us a file of your photo, a resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher is preferred.

      • Close-ups and high quality images with bright colors will produce the best results.

      • We will not do any photo retouching or color correction.

      • We cannot reproduce copyrighted, registered, trademarked, or professional photos and images (unless a copyright release is submitted with a photographer, studio or artist's signature).

      • We reserve the right to refuse any objectionable material. We will not reproduce materials that are deemed to be offensive or obscene.

      • Has your image been forwarded via email? Every time an image is forwarded the size of the image is decreased. Example: An image forwarded using a widely used email provider is reduced 50% in size the very first time it is forwarded.

      • How do you get an electronic image from an old photo? Visit your local print shop or photo processing center and ask them to scan your photo and save it on a CD. We recommended that you request a minimum of 300 DPI. The large the file size the better.

      • How do you tell what your image's pixel width and height are? Open your image. Place your mouse pointer on the image and right click. Select properties. The pixel width and height can be found under dimensions.

      • How do you tell what file type your image is? Open your image. Place your mouse pointer on the image and right click. Select properties. The file type will be listed under type

    27. Do you accept international PayPal payments (outside the US)?
    We accept PayPal payments from the US. We do not accept payments from other countries.

    28. How long will it take to receive my PayPal refund?
    PayPal refunds typically take 5 to 7 days from receipt of returned merchandise to process.

    29. Can I add to my PayPal order once it is placed?
    Unfortunately we cannot modify a PayPal order once it has been placed. As PayPal requires the account holder to authorize the transaction via a web portal, we cannot obtain a new authorization for a different amount once the order is placed. If you want to add to an order, you will need to place a second order online.

    30. Will PayPal slow down the shipment of my order?
    No it will not. We receive authorization instantly when you place your PayPal order just like a credit card. There will be no payment-related delays in your order.

    31. Why has my PayPal order been refused?
    We do not accept orders for which a PayPal authorization has been denied. As PayPal is a web-only payment method, we are unable to attempt to reprocess the transaction if the first one failed. Should you still want the order, please process it with a different pay method.

    32. How do I personalize my item?
    Add the item to your cart and the customization screen pops up allowing you to enter your own personalization. You will be presented with all the options and choices available for that particular item.

    33. How long will my balloons float with helium?
    Because filling, tying, and usage of balloons is beyond our control, no performance or longevity guarantee can be made. Actual float times can vary depending on temperature and climate conditions as well.

    Here are some good guidelines:

      A latex balloon filled with helium will float approximately one hour for every inch of your balloon. 9" balloon = 9 hours.

      A latex balloon with Hi-Float (item code BLHFTWP) and filled with helium will float up to three to five times longer as figured by the balloon size.

      A latex balloon with Ultra Hi-Float (item code BLTULT) and filled with helium will float up to 1 week.

      An average size Mylar balloon filled with helium will float approximately three to five days. Mylar balloons are also easily re-inflated. Hi-Float and Ultra Hi-Float are not intended for use with Mylar balloons.

    34. Do you have a retail store location? I live nearby; can I pick up my order from your warehouse?
    Unfortunately we do not have any retail store locations. Currently all orders are placed via the website, phone, mail or fax. Sorry, you cannot pick up your order. Our facilities are great places to work; however, they are not equipped for retail shoppers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    35. What does “made to order” mean?
    That’s an item we create especially for you. When you place an order, please allow for the stated production time. Unfortunately, we are not able to rush our production times or ship dates. Even if you choose not to personalize the item, production times remain the same.

    36. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship internationally. For information on shipping to Canada, please see our Canadian Shipping page. For information on our international shipping costs, please see our Shipping Info page.

    37. What is a Delivery Surcharge?
    Because some items are larger, these items have a delivery surcharge. The surcharge is in addition to the regular shipping and handling charges and the cost will be applied at checkout. The price will appear individually by each item and is included in the total for "Shipping and Handling". Surcharges vary by item.

    38. The item is “out of stock”. Can I still place an order for it?
    No, we can not place orders for items that are not in stock. Please go to the product page online and click the “Notify Me” button to sign up to receive an email as soon as the item is in stock and available for purchase.

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