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Prom night is the night that every girl dreams of, I mean what's better than being able to dress up, dance, and have memories that will last a lifetime? So girls, on the night you've been dreaming of since junior high, I definitely know that you want to look absolutely gorgeous! So there is no need to worry because your prom is about you and only you. Sure you may have to think about your date, but hey, guys don't have to go through the hassle of looking like a real life princess, you do. So when it comes to making your fairytale dreams of your prom coming true, you have to find a dress that is absolutely perfect for you. When it comes to finding the right dress you take into consideration 3 things: what color should it be? how it should be tailored? and last but not least, how awesome are you going to look in it? So with those three considerable ideas, you have to take it and construct it into a master plan to find a dress that will be absolutely GORG for you alongside with being very flattering!

For starters, when it comes to you, as well as any other girl, your body is unique and made differently from any other human being. Although your body is unique, there are similarities that may run between you and other girls. That similarity is your overall shape and structure of your body. I know that you're wondering what exactly do you mean by my overall shape and structure, "I'm not a vase?" Okay, for starters, I definitely know you're not a vase, but there are certain shape categories that every girl can fit into based on their body type. For starters, I know you've heard of the pear, hourglass, or apple shape categories. Whether it's from tons of magazines or from television, you definitely get the idea that every girl can find their own category. So I know you're thinking, "How did this article go from finding my prom dress to identifying my body shape?" Well actually they both relate to each other when it comes to finding the right dress. You see when it comes to finding the perfect dress, you have to focus on what type of dress will work well with your body type. So by reading this article, you can definitely figure out what figure you may have and what dress will do wonders for you and turn your fairytale of a prom night into a dream come true.

We can start off with the most well know shape, which is of course, the hourglass. Okay, so when it comes to understanding what exactly is an hourglass shape, it's pretty much self-explanatory, but in case you don't know or understand what it means, it's quite simple. An hourglass shape means you have a very proportioned body, so you have a considerable bust line that ascends into a really small waist line and then spreads back out into nice proportionate hips. So if you have an hourglass figure, pretty much any and every style of a prom dress will do your body justice. So whether it's a long gown, a short and flirty dress, or a poofy Cinderella dress you will look absolutely stunning on it because you have a great shape and if anything you're wearing the dress and the dress isn't wearing you!

Next, another shape that millions of girls have is the one known as being slender and slender of course is for particularly thin girls. So when it comes to this category you have to focus on what dress that can show off your slender silhouette alongside with giving you an elegant look. When it comes to you considerably slim girls, you have to find a dress that can pretty much give you the illusion of having curves. So dresses that are somewhat fitted and displays, showcases, or enhances the illusion of your bust line, is definitely a plus, alongside with wearing colors such as white, blue, and multicolor. Also if you to add some depth to your dress, you should definitely look for some that flare out which also insinuates curves as well as add a flirty and fun style to it. Lastly, remember that being slim can be a great thing and that the incredible waistline you have been blessed with can definitely work to your benefit. So in order to show off your waistline it is very important to look for dresses that draw attention to your waist whether it's with a design or belt, also look for a dress that may wrap around and has a fitted tug on your body.

When it comes to another shape known as the pear, you actually have a ton of options to choose from when finding a great dress. A pear shape is when your bust and waistline are considerably smaller than your hips, which means gives the actual illusion of a pear. So if you have a pear shape, prom dresses that have an a-line or full skirt are definitely for you because it brings attention to your great shape. Also, when it comes to having a pear shape, you want to focus on showing off that amazing figure, so dresses with a fitted top definitely shows it off. A pear shape also looks great in a form fitting dress because it hugs all of your bottoms curves, alongside with fitting nice and snug at the top that gives you a curvy illusion to die for.

Another well-known shape, known as the apple, has two great alternatives that will make your body go pow! When it comes to an apple shape, you have to have a bigger top instead of a bigger bottom, which means you may have a bigger bust and waistline along with smaller hips and legs. A great dress choice for an apple shape is one that is short because you can never go wrong with showing a little leg. Usually you don't want to draw much attention to your waist, so by picking out a shorter dress you're able to show off those great legs! Another style dress that is great for an apple shape are those that have an empire waist, which mainly flares out and can take attention away from your waist and stomach area and highlight that wonderful bust and beautiful face you have. These two styles are definitely the way you need to go if you have an apple shape.

If you have a petite body frame, you definitely have a flirty and wide selection to choose from. When a girl is petite, it basically means they are considerably small framed and short. When it comes to being a pint sized doll, you can definitely focus on picking out a dress that has an asymmetrical hemline to bring attention to your bust. A long and form fitted dress can definitely give you the illusion of having curves and extra height. Nice colors such as red, pink, or white flatter your figure. As an extra tip, look for dresses that have ruffles because not only are they cute, but they actually can give you the illusion of height which is always a plus when you want to appear taller.

Lastly, is the shape known as being busty. When it comes to a busty body shape, it means you have considerably large breasts. You can either look for a dress that draws attention to your great bust or draws attention away from it. Dresses that can actually draw attention to your bust are those that have either a jeweled, lower cut, or in other words gorgeous neckline. As an alternative, if you want to hide your bust, you can purchase a long dress that doesn't have much going on in the bust area. In fact, you should look for a dress that attracts attention toward the hem. You can either show off what you have or show off the other wonderful curves of your body.

When finding the prom dress that is right for you, you have to first figure out your shape and what tailor of dress will flatter your figure. Next you have to pick out a color that works for you, whether it goes well with your skin tone, hair, or even the color of your eyes. When it comes to color, you definitely want something that compliments you as well as your body. Then you have to find a dress that is the length you want whether it's long or short. Make sure it looks great on your body by showing off your legs or giving you the illusion of curves. Lastly, you have to find a dress that you absolutely love, because as I have said before, it's your night and you're the princess. All of your commands must and will be taken care of in concerns of your dress. So when it comes to your fairytale prom night, you are guaranteed to love your look, along with the precious photos that will come along with it!.

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